[tomboy-list] Auto-linking code

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 06:21:06 PST 2010

On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 2:00 AM, Robin Brandt <mandelum at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am a huge tomboy fan, having close to 1000 notes, and using it for
> everything.

Glad to hear it.

> How difficult is the code that makes autolinking in Tomboy possible?

Not difficult at all.

> For me, that is the single most important feature in tomboy, the one feature
> that is always missing in other editors.
> Still, since moving to OS X, tomboy does not work perfectly there
> and Notational Velocity, has turdned out to be a more productive note taking
> application than tomboy because of it´s superior interface(Search and title
> is integrated). However it lacks that particular critical feature of
> autolinking.
> So my question would be, how difficult would it be to implement it in
> Notational Velocitym both beeing open source, could you borrow code?

Notational Velocity and Tomboy are written in completely different
languages, so no, code could not be borrowed. Even if it could be,
Tomboy is LGPL and Notational Velocity is a modified BSD, and the
licenses are not compatible as far as I can tell.

Still, code sharing would not be necessary for NV to implement this
feature (though I've never used NV or looked at its source so I don't
know what technical issues they might run into while implementing

> And
> could it be made as a filter, so that you could turn it on and off with a
> button?

Yup.  We have an outstanding bug to do that in Tomboy, too.

> I also wonder if there are any plans to allow syncing with simplenote, since
> it seems to be kind of widespread now, especially with iOS users. It seems
> to be the single best sollution for syncing to iOS devices right now.

No.  Anybody could write an add-in to do this, but it would lead to
formatting loss, data loss, etc, since simplenote is not as "rich" as

We are focusing on our own free sync solution with Tomboy Online and
our own cross-platform mobile web client (which is offline-capable so
should work fine on iOS too).

> My suggestion would actually be to just focus on the Linux version of tomboy
> which somehow works the best, and allow for platform-independant syncing to
> simple text/rtf/html-files, and help bring crictial features to other note
> taking programs like notational velocity. It seems there is a lack of time
> and resources to actually develop for 3 platforms right now.

I certainly lack time and resources to contribute to an application
I've never used written in a language I don't really know. ;-)

But I definitely encourage folks who want to see better compatibility
between Tomboy and NV to make patches and submit them to each project.

> A better
> soultion would be to help the best programs on other platforms be better and
> also to sync robustly and safely with tomboy.
> At least allow tomboy to export all notes as separate text/rtf/html files,
> that is crucial for data portability, I do not understand why notes are now
> in a special .note format with a strange name... I need to be able to switch
> to different note applications, when I need to, even Google understands this
> and have a dedicated team for it.

Notes can be exported to HTML and other formats.  There is an open bug
for allowing this to be done for all notes at once.

The internal note storage format is convenient for how Tomboy works,
and is an implementation detail.  The actual note files are not really
meant to be manipulated directly by users.

I appreciate your feedback and sympathize with your situation.  All I
can really say is that I (and the Snowy team) am heavily invested in
working on Tomboy Online's free sync and online note access for Tomboy
users, with a fully-capable mobile web client.  I don't see myself
having time to focus on compatibility with other applications right
now, but I will happily support anybody who wants to work on this with
patch reviews, advice, etc.


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