[tomboy-list] Unbreaking the menu UI

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 01:15:48 PST 2008

On Dec 21, 2007 3:17 PM, Boyd Timothy <btimothy at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Dec 21, 2007 3:25 PM, Alex Graveley <alex at beatniksoftware.com> wrote:
> > Okay, phew!  Though I have noticed some amount of menu item migration
> > over the last releases, which has been bugging me, so I wanted to
> > point the original placement rationale.
> >
> Hey Alex,
> Thanks for venting :).  If you check out SVN Trunk right now you'll
> have a nervous breakdown with regards to the main menu.  I agree with
> what you've pointed out and my intention is to clean it up before the
> next release.  Right now it's completely busted.  I plan to remove
> tasks entirely from the main menu.  I appreciate you giving us the
> original insight on the rationales.

Kind of ugly cut at fixing it here:


Menu Items (closest to Tomboy icon listed first):

Create New Note
Notebooks ->
Search All Notes
Start Here

Any thoughts before committing for the release?


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