[tomboy-list] Ctrl+W weirdities

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 16:42:45 PST 2008

On Jan 24, 2008 4:22 PM, Todd Wilson <twilson at csufresno.edu> wrote:
> I'm using Tomboy 0.8.0 on Ubuntu 7.10.  I have Emacs keybindings enabled
> in Gnome:
>     In gconf-editor:
>     desktop -> gnome -> interface -> gtk_key_theme -> Emacs
> However, when I'm typing a note, sometimes Ctrl+W closes the note, but
> sometimes Ctrl+W instead deletes the word before the cursor.  In the
> latter situation, if I right-click inside the note to get the context
> menu, and then click outside of the menu to dismiss it, then Ctrl+W
> reverts to closing the note.
> I would like Ctrl+W always to close the note, which I understood to be
> the desired behavior.  Is this a bug?  Is there a patch/workaround?

About a year ago we took a patch [1] to support emacs keybindings like
ctrl+w.  The inconsistency you're experiencing sounds buggy, though.
Could you file something in bugzilla?

Not sure what to do about the fact that some emacs keybinding users
want ctrl+w to close the window and some want it to delete a word.  We
should probably look and see what other GNOME apps (gedit, etc) do.


[1] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=412402

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