[tomboy-list] Local Tomboy Hackfest

Arun Chaganty arunchaganty at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 22:23:49 PDT 2008

   We are trying for the first time in our college to conduct a
Hackathon during our college's technical festival [1][2]. I wanted to
introduce to Tomboy as a "hackable" to our participants, mainly
because I like it, but also because it's simple, cute and C# is pretty
good language to code in. We expect about 40 people to turn up, out of
which, I'd like to convince maybe 7-8 to work on Tomboy. All of us are
n00bs. I'd be grateful for any guidance and suggestions, not only on
how to hack Tomboy, but on how to manage a Hackfest all together.

The general plan is that I will go and introduce Tomboy as an
application, and give a overview of the different components of
Tomboy, where what goes (for example RemoteControl.cs takes care of
all the DBus functionality. Watchers.cs is doing the Wiki-fying
(right?), etc.). And then proceed to describe some simple bugs and
maybe one or two larger projects that people can work on once they've
gotten comfy with the code (and hopefully fixed a bug or two). Most of
the participants would not have worked on FOSS code before, so despite
our numbers, we will be terribly inefficient and slow.

Some of the ideas I had to work on (most taken from the wiki) are:
* UI Addition: Add a sub-menu for each notebook, listing all notes
under that notebook. I really really need this to organize my notes.
* Adding custom links: From my greppings of the code, this looks like
it shouldn't be unduly difficult, except for making the UI really
simple. How does selecting a block of text and then entering
Ctrl+Space or right clicking to throw up a dialog sound?
* A Web frontend: I certainly expect a lot of Web 2.0 guys coming, and
I thought this might be something right down their lane.

Bugs (way too many):
* I'll try and assign most of the gnome-love bugs and if the
participants enjoy it, they can probably move up to bigger and badder

The event is on the 2nd and 3rd of October from 1700hrs UTC. We will
all be on IRC, and I hope we can seek some guidance online.

[1]: College == Indian Institute of Technology, Madras: http://www.iitm.ac.in/
[2]: Technical Festival == Shaastra:


Arun Tejasvi Chaganty

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