[tomboy-list] Code freeze for 0.12.0 on Monday

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 21:15:39 PDT 2008

Hi Folks,

So code freeze is coming up in a few days.  I'll be spending a lot of 
this weekend in #tomboy fixing major bugs (starting with sync).  If you 
have a critical bug/patch you'd like to work on or have me review, feel 
free to stop by.

If anybody feels like working on printing that could be very helpful, 
but I'm willing to back out the new printing code for this release if 
necessary; other bugs are much more important.  If you do want to work 
on printing, ping me because I have an outstanding patch that might be 
of use.

This weekend is not the time to talk about new features or low priority 
fixes that require a lot of review time, or anything that needs more 
than an hour or two of testing.  Due to a surprise hospital stay I have 
very little time to prepare for code freeze so this weekend I only care 
about really major stuff that can be fixed before Monday.

That being said, after code freeze, expect to see another email from me 
detailing plans for regular bug/patch days and better overall community 
management.  I know this has been a pretty slow cycle for Tomboy with a 
lot of ignored patches from our contributors, and I don't intend to let 
that situation continue.  I think the 0.13.x cycle is going to be really 
exciting for all of us [1] [2]!

Have a good weekend,

[1] http://armstrong-clan.net/dump/tomboy-broken-mac.png
[2] http://armstrong-clan.net/dump/tomboy-on-windows1.png

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