[tomboy-list] add export selected notes to a New note

mengzhuo li muziwind at yahoo.com.cn
Thu Sep 25 20:32:10 PDT 2008

I want to backup my notes, so i add a function in tomboy.

In search window, you can select which note you want to backup, click the make_link_button which has the same icon with clear_search_button now. then you can get a New note named Link Note if there is not a Link Note before. the Link Note has all the links you selected just like this

Link Note
记录 0804-0807
记录 0728-0801
记录 0721-0725
记录 0714-0719
记录 0709-0711

Open the Link Note , you can export it to a html 

html.diff is the patch based on tomboy_0.10.2-0ubuntu1  [input]   [input]   [input]   [input]  

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