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Olivier Bilodeau olivier at bottomlesspit.org
Mon Sep 29 22:24:26 PDT 2008


I just wanted to let the list know that I'll be working on a note-taking
[Google] Android application. I am already aware of the WikiNotes
application from Apps for
But I want to do something compatible with tomboy but the aim is more
interoperable than compatible.

This is part of my last "course" as an undergraduate student in IT
Engineering at ÉTS (Montreal, Canada University). I've put course in quotes
because we don't attend to any classes but we get credited. We put ~135
hours on a project and document every aspect like an engineer should do.

Enough background, I guess you'll get to know me later since I'll stick
around ;).

I created a launchpad account for the project. I called it
I kinda liked it. Here's the project info:

Tomdroid - Implementation of Tomboy on Android
An attempt to produce a tomboy client for the Google Android mobile

For those who didn't know, tomboy is the world's best note-taking
application using a unique wiki-style approach and a userfriendly interface.
The aim of this project is to bring the same goodness to the Android
platform. The goal is to be file format compatible and be able to sync notes
with tomboy. Of course, keeping a great UI adapted to the mobile context is
also a goal of this project.

Licensed under GPLv3

Being bounded to University's requirements, I will generate more
documentation than would be useful to begin with but I need my degree :)
Unfortunately, most of this stuff will be in french. I will try to convince
my professor to be able to put some of my documentation in English but I
would still prefer to write my final report in french (being lazy).

I intend to do all the work on launchpad, not hiding anything from the
community. I will [learn and] use bazaar for vcs and encourage everyone
interested to create branches and contribute however they can.

I want to do a quick 3 iteration process that should end in the beginning of
December. I'll keep you posted for that.

Now, getting to the real substance.. I have a few questions. Please note
that I did RTFM and I am sorry if what I ask is obvious.

- Is there any xml schema (or DTD) for the tomboy notes file format? If not,
I would propose one for adoption as part of my project.

- Is there any uml class diagram and/or sequence diagrams for Tomboy?
If not, I would include as a part of my project some diagrams outlining
tomboy's architecture. This would help me jump into the code and also, if
reviewed, help raise early problems in my understanding of the code base.
Subquestion: Is there any valuable uml design tool that does Mono/.Net

My first iteration will most likely be a "HelloWorld this is Tomdroid" type
of application so please bare with me if I'm not exciting from the

I'm glad to see that the project I'm proposing fits in the recent effort to
bring tomboy to other platforms and I am willingly going to help towards
that initiative also as I stated earlier.

Note: If anyone is against what I'm doing or thinks part of it is wrong,
please let me know. I am only, willingly, trying to scratch my own itch and
transform a school project that would end up in dust into something useful
to (hopefully) more than one person.

Thanks a lot for reading this through!

[1] http://code.google.com/p/apps-for-android/
[2] https://launchpad.net/tomdroid
Olivier Bilodeau <olivier at bottomlesspit.org>
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