[tomboy-list] what's the status on google notebook sync addin

Peter Arthur petera at robotii.co.uk
Wed Sep 10 05:41:25 PDT 2008

I would be interested in synchronising with dokuwiki, or indeed a 
generic XML-RPC client.
I'm thinking automatically converting Tomboy Notes into Wordpress posts.

If you have any code already written, please let me know, so I don't 
duplicate it.

Pedro wrote:
> Hey all. Where can I check for updates on the development of the
> google notebook plugin?
> I am having a growing need for a sync tool like this.
> I would be willing to write an addin for synchronization with a remote
> dokuwiki instalation. Dokuwiki comes with an XML-RPC API so it
> whouldn't be so dfficult, though it would be my first contact with
> mono/C#/.net/whatever.
> But of course, this would take some time, If the release of a fairly
> usable sync addin for google notebook is expected soon I would surely
> use it instead.
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