[tomboy-list] Bring a note on startup

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 11:23:04 PDT 2008

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Pedro wrote:
>  Awesome! I would suggest some way to directly feed data into a note
>  just by using a command, without opening vim.

You should try the Tomboy plugin for GNOME Do, perhaps it has the sort 
of behavior you're interested in.  You can take any text item (stuff you 
type, whatever's in the clipboard, etc) and create a note with a given 
title or content or whatever.

I'm not entirely sure what *you* want, though.  If you describe in more 
detail maybe somebody will implement it?

>  Still concerning my first question. There's an issue with the
>  solution you pointed me. The list of notes also shows up when i start
>  up gnome. Any way to fix this.

The tomboy-remote program is a client of Tomboy's dbus interface, and 
thus requires Tomboy to be running.  Almost all of our users keep Tomboy 
running the entire time they are logged in, either in the GNOME panel or 
in the notification area.

>  Also, I don't understand so well how the panel widgets work.
>  Personally I use a tomboy notes widget next by other aplications'
>  shortcuts I use often like firefox or gedit. Today, i played around
>  with gnome panels a bit and i ended up having a tomboy widget in the
>  notification area. Now for some reason is not there anymore... I
>  guess it will only show on the notification area in case there's no
>  widget somewhere else in a panel. Is that so?

Only one instance of Tomboy can/should be running at a time.  If you 
start Tomboy from the main menu or from the command line, or if you have 
it run as a startup program, the Tomboy icon will appear in the 
notification area.  Your other option is to add Tomboy to your GNOME 
panel as an applet, and it will appear there (make sure you're not 
already running Tomboy when you do this).  If you add it to your panel, 
it will always be there, and start up with the panel when you log in.

Hopefully this clarifies things; if you have further questions please do 

>  I hope I am not being annoying with so many questions.

Not at all, that's what we're here for!


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