[tomboy-list] Getting Tomboy Back On Track

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 17:48:11 PDT 2008

Okay, so not much feedback on this yet, but that's OK.  I'm going to be
out of town for the next two weekends...the second of those weekends
I'll be attending the GNOME Summit in Boston, where I look forward to
some great work and talks.  After that, I'd like to have our roadmap

How about Thursday, October 16th, at 9AM PST?  I'm just pulling this
date from nowhere, but what do people think about that?  If you'd like
to attend, feel free to suggest alternate dates or times.  Weekdays,
weekends, days, nights, whenever.

After the meeting, I'm going to start spending every other Saturday
doing hard-core bug/patch triaging in #tomboy.  The only "feature" I
plan to work on at first is full Windows support, for the selfish reason
that I want more contributors.  So starting October 18th, you are
welcome to help me smash bugs and review patches.  The point is to keep
the wheels turning.  This should help anybody out who wants to work on
new features (and I'm sure we'll have some sweet new ideas after I get
back from Summit!).

Let me know what works for you,

Sandy Armstrong wrote:
> Hi Everybody,
> If you scan bugzilla and look at the NEWS file for Tomboy 0.12.0, you'll
> see that although there is plenty of work to do on Tomboy, we haven't
> been doing a lot.  A lot of bugs have been ignored, and a lot of great
> new patches have gone unreviewed, mostly because I have been disengaged
> from the community for the last 6 months or so.
> This sucks, I'm sorry, and it's time to fix it.
> I have a few ideas for how to do this, and I'd love to hear everybody
> else's ideas, too.  Here are my thoughts:
> 1) We need to get a handle on bugzilla.  We need to power through our
> 292 bugs (!!!) and find which are dupes, which are enhancements that
> should be marked WONTFIX, and which need to be fixed NOW.  I know
> everybody has their favorite bugs, so if you could share yours that
> would really help.  We should centralize this info on
> http://live.gnome.org/Tomboy/Bugs/WorstOffenders , but if you don't have
> an account on l.g.o feel free to respond to this email with your picks. 
> It would be awesome to know the top 20 (or whatever) bugs hated by the
> community when this is done.  ;-)
> 2) Related to the above, we need to do some serious patch review.  We
> need to find all patches, find out which are ready to go in, which need
> minor fixes, and which are totally obsolete.  Please respond to this
> email with a list of outstanding patches that matter to you.  We'll get
> the bugs on the wiki and start on the review process.
> The Banshee mailing list has a "Pending Patches Periodical" email run by
> Bertrand Lorentz that really helps the maintainers keep track of good
> patches ready to commit or in need of just a little review.  I would
> love to see something like this for Tomboy, if anybody has the time.
> Here are *my* personal goals for Tomboy 0.14.0 (or is it 1.0?):
> * Slaughter memory consumption and performance issues.
> * Deliver a solid build of Tomboy on Windows with an easy-to-maintain
> installer.  Make sure the Visual Studio solution is well-maintained to
> enable new contributors.
> * Fix long-standing embarrassing bugs (like note renaming issues).
> * Make sync rock, and consider integration with Conduit if that makes
> sense.  Make sure there is an answer for sync on Windows, to enable
> users to sync between their work and home machines.
> * Enable our awesome contributors to work on fixes and features without
> fear of their patches rotting in bugzilla!
> New feature work in areas like note attachments, inline images, and
> collaboration would be great, too...but my personal focus is going to
> remain on the above issues, especially the last one.
> I hope that by getting more feedback from the community on outstanding
> bugs and patches, we can prioritize our efforts and have a productive
> release cycle.
> I would like to start holding bug days or patch review days every other
> week.  What does everybody think about that?  Two weekend days per month
> would work best for me, but I want to know what would work best for
> YOU!  Getting together and triaging bugs, trying out patches, and
> cleaning up Tomboy seems like a big win to me.
> We'll be having a dev meeting soon to figure out our roadmap for 0.14.0,
> too.  I think it would be helpful to get all of this information first,
> though.  As usual, everybody will be invited to participate in the
> meeting.  :-)
> Thanks for your time.  I'm looking forward to an awesome
> community-driven cycle.  If you have any ideas for how to make this
> cycle rock, now's the time to speak up!
> Sandy

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