[tomboy-list] Getting Tomboy Back On Track

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 10:27:02 PDT 2008

Andrew Conkling wrote:
> I've just subscribed myself to all bugmail, so I'll generally keep up
> with things as they come in, but it may be a little while before I
> get around to going back and looking through all the past bugs.

Awesome, any and all help is appreciated.  I was psyched to see you
close out a bunch of old bugs last night!

> (I'm just in a situation where I can adequately test
> synchronization—both computers now running 0.12.0—and assuming that's
> fixed, I'll be pretty much set. :) That one has been quite annoying.)

Agreed; I'm actually *using* sync again, but in a pretty low-stress
environment, so looking forward to feedback on the fixes in 0.12.0.

> I can do that. Is it safe to say I can mark patches as "reviewed"
> like a few of us do for Banshee? That seems to gather them together
> to say "they work as described" and then a developer can take a look
> at them for code/style/etc. issues.

Yes, that would be fantastic.

> In general, as far as the bugs go, I don't know that I'll be spending
> any time on the wiki; I prefer to manage them in Bugzilla. Is
> managing bugs on the wiki useful to you? If so, can you describe
> sorta what you'd like to see?

The idea was to get something like "votes" on which bugs people care
about.  Voting isn't enabled in GNOME bugzilla.  Maybe you're right,
though, about it not being useful.  Should I instead encourage people to
"ping" existing bugs they care about so that I can assign priority to
them in bugzilla?  It would be noisy for a short time, but maybe that
would work better than asking people to add entries to a random wiki
page.  :-)

Thanks for your help and ideas,

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