[tomboy-list] Tomboy on Google Android: Tomdroid

Sandy Armstrong sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 11:14:32 PDT 2008

Olivier Bilodeau wrote:
> Tomdroid - Implementation of Tomboy on Android An attempt to produce
> a tomboy client for the Google Android mobile platform.
> For those who didn't know, tomboy is the world's best note-taking
> application using a unique wiki-style approach and a userfriendly
> interface. The aim of this project is to bring the same goodness to
> the Android platform. The goal is to be file format compatible and be
> able to sync notes with tomboy. Of course, keeping a great UI adapted
> to the mobile context is also a goal of this project.

Umm, this could be the coolest thing to happen with Tomboy this year. 
I'm so glad you picked this as your project!

> Licensed under GPLv3

If you end up doing any C#->Java conversion of our code, make sure to
keep an eye on individual files.  Some are licensed LGPL2, some MIT/X11,

> Being bounded to University's requirements, I will generate more
> documentation than would be useful to begin with but I need my degree
> :) Unfortunately, most of this stuff will be in french. I will try to
> convince my professor to be able to put some of my documentation in
> English but I would still prefer to write my final report in french
> (being lazy).

Well, my French reading comprehension is much better than my French
speaking skills, so hopefully I'll be able to understand it.  :-)

In terms of documentation you make for Tomboy itself, which we'll want
to make available, if you can't do it in English, maybe we can get help
from the GNOME translation team.

> I intend to do all the work on launchpad, not hiding anything from
> the community. I will [learn and] use bazaar for vcs and encourage
> everyone interested to create branches and contribute however they
> can.

That's awesome that your school encourages that (I know other schools
would be horrified if you said other people might help you "cheat" on
your project).

> - Is there any xml schema (or DTD) for the tomboy notes file format?
> If not, I would propose one for adoption as part of my project.

No, there isn't.  Having one would be nice.

> - Is there any uml class diagram and/or sequence diagrams for Tomboy?

Not that I can think of.  Having some would be very nice!

> I'm glad to see that the project I'm proposing fits in the recent
> effort to bring tomboy to other platforms and I am willingly going to
> help towards that initiative also as I stated earlier.

The current effort is mostly to get the existing Tomboy client running
on other platforms.  But writing new clients for Tomboy note data is
whole new area, and for me very useful as I think I may be picking up a
G1 in a few weeks.  ;-)

> Note: If anyone is against what I'm doing or thinks part of it is
> wrong, please let me know. I am only, willingly, trying to scratch my
> own itch and transform a school project that would end up in dust
> into something useful to (hopefully) more than one person.

It's unfortunate that you won't be able to do much in terms of code
reuse because of the platform you'll be developing on, but given those
constraints, I think you have the absolute right idea.  I'm really
excited to see what you come up with, and look forward to using it myself.

Things to keep in mind:
* Given a note that came from Tomboy, which might have any number of
add-ins installed, how will Tomdroid deal with note content it doesn't
* Will Tomdroid have all of the same editing features as Tomboy?  If
less, how will that affect notes coming from Tomboy?  If more, you need
to worry about Tomboy causing data loss when the notes get back to the
user's computer.  ;-)
* How does data sync even work in Android, or on the G1, or whatever? 
Are you going to need a server out there to sync to?  Will you be able
to use webdav or ssh, or will you need to invent an HTTP API?  I really
hope that sort of stuff gets implemented, but I would hate for you to be
stuck doing that work!

> Thanks a lot for reading this through!

Thanks for your upcoming contributions to the Tomboy community.  ;-)


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