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Olivier Bilodeau olivier at bottomlesspit.org
Tue Sep 30 11:53:24 PDT 2008

On Tue, Sep 30, 2008 at 2:14 PM, Sandy Armstrong <sanfordarmstrong at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Olivier Bilodeau wrote:
> > Licensed under GPLv3
> If you end up doing any C#->Java conversion of our code, make sure to
> keep an eye on individual files.  Some are licensed LGPL2, some MIT/X11,
> etc.

Oh I haven't thought about that.. If I convert code I will definitely losen
up the license. Does anyone think I should be better off writing new code or
should I translate code? I am worried about the maintenance burden of
translating code and not using Android's philosophy..

> > - Is there any xml schema (or DTD) for the tomboy notes file format?
> > If not, I would propose one for adoption as part of my project.
> No, there isn't.  Having one would be nice.

I'll definitely look into that.

> Things to keep in mind:
> * Given a note that came from Tomboy, which might have any number of
> add-ins installed, how will Tomdroid deal with note content it doesn't
> understand?

Of course, this might change but my current idea is to ignore add-in
specific stuff but still write it back if something else in the note
changed. I would definitely like to do the "right thing". So in the short
term, this risk is mitigated (see below).

> * Will Tomdroid have all of the same editing features as Tomboy?  If
> less, how will that affect notes coming from Tomboy?  If more, you need
> to worry about Tomboy causing data loss when the notes get back to the
> user's computer.  ;-)

To simplify things, early iterations will be focused on being a read-only
client supporting only one-way sync. Two way syncing will come after and
will be discussed here since you faced the same problems when implementing
it. Of course, this work will be flagged as "can destroy all your notes".

> * How does data sync even work in Android, or on the G1, or whatever?
> Are you going to need a server out there to sync to?  Will you be able
> to use webdav or ssh, or will you need to invent an HTTP API?  I really
> hope that sort of stuff gets implemented, but I would hate for you to be
> stuck doing that work!

First iteration is focused on showing a simple text file through the network
(WebDAV, SSH or HTTP REST). Hopefully Android will do WebDAV and/or SSH
natively. This is risky so tackled early. I won't go into something fancy
like push tomboy notes (for now).

> Thanks for your upcoming contributions to the Tomboy community.  ;-)

Thanks, I hope I'll be up to expectations.

Olivier Bilodeau olivier at bottomlesspit.org
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