[tomboy-list] Local Tomboy Hackfest

Arun Chaganty arunchaganty at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 21:12:22 PDT 2008


> Your plan sounds good, and it should be an exciting event.
> Unfortunately I cannot promise any time to this activity due to work
> commitments.  But I do hang out in #tomboy on GIMPNet all day, so I
> should be able to answer some questions and chat a bit...I just can't
> devote time to leading/organizing the hackfest.
That's ok, I wasn't asking anyone to lead/organize it in the first place ;-).

> I think we address this pretty well in the Search UI, actually.  Since
> people could have a very large number of notebooks, listing each in the
> regular note menu could be excessive.  The feature would have to be
> configurable, and might be best implemented as an add-in.  This could
> potentially require adding place holders in the note menu as a hook for
> add-ins, but I think Boyd may already have done that when working on the
> experimental Tasks add-in.  That code may be useful to you (it's still
> in SVN though we don't build it).
Hmm... You have a point. I guess this depends on a per-user basis,
since I have a few notebooks, and a lot of notes that come under each.

>> * A Web
>> frontend: I certainly expect a lot of Web 2.0 guys coming, and I
>> thought this might be something right down their lane.
> In my opinion this would be the most useful thing to work on in the long
> term.  The hard problem here is all the maintenance and infrastructure
> work, making sure people don't abuse the service, etc.  So deploying it
> might take some time.  But I would really LOVE to see a working (open
> source) web frontend with these sorts of features:
> 1. User can connect via existing WebDAV sync add-in (or some HTTP API,
> but that's more work for you at first).
> 2. Web service can read the notes stored for each user, and show them to
> that user when they are logged in.  Existing ExportToHTML code
> (including an XSL stylesheet) could be useful here as a starting point.
> 3. User can mark notes as public so that others can share.  User can
> have friends, email updates, RSS feeds, and all that other lovely social
> web crap.  ;-)
> 4. Editing would be cool, but is a lot of work.  :-)

Thanks for the great advice.

> Please check out prior discussion on this:
> http://automorphic.blogspot.com/2007/08/tomboy-online-mockup.html
Yup, this is where I took the idea from ;-).

>> Bugs (way too many): * I'll try and assign most of the gnome-love
>> bugs and if the participants enjoy it, they can probably move up to
>> bigger and badder bugs.
> I will try to find time to mark more bugs as gnome-love.

> That would be really helpful, but I understand that it's hard for a new
> developer to just dive right in.  There is a lot more "low-hanging
> fruit" in Tasque bugzilla, if that is interesting to your fellow
> students.  Tasque SVN should build fine in Linux, Windows, and OS X, and
> is a pretty small and simple code base.  Getting patches in is a bit
> easier because there's less paranoia about messing up user data or
> ruining the user experience (because it's so young and most of its data
> is actually kept online).  I'll be in #tasque on GIMPNet, as well.  ;-)
Interesting. I will have a look at it.

Arun Tejasvi Chaganty

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