[tomboy-list] Fwd: Dropping tomboy from the CD at least for part of the oneiric cycle

Greg Grossmeier greg at grossmeier.net
Tue Jun 14 16:43:28 PDT 2011

Just FYI.

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> Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 21:00:31 +0200
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> Subject: Dropping tomboy from the CD at least for part of the oneiric cycle
> Hi,
> During the desktop team meeting today we discussed deprecated libs and
> CD space, tomboy is keeping libgnome, libgnomeui, libbonobo,
> libbonoboui, libgnomecanvas on the CD in oneiric and will until upstream
> switches to gsettings which seems to have no mono bindings yet. 
> Since that work has been stalling for a while, we need CD space and we
> want to get ride of the deprecated library we decided during the meeting
> to drop tomboy from the CD at least until it's ported to gsettings.
> Tomboy will still be easily installable and will not get away for users
> upgrading, that will just concern new installation during the oneiric
> unstable cycle.
> There will probably be other discussions about tradeoffs we can make in
> the default installation in the next weeks as well since we are short on
> CD space still and some of changes planned for this cycle didn't land
> yet.
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